X-Men To The MCU? Plus More Arrow News

More news this week! The biggest rumor going around right now is that Fox is in talks with Marvel for a deal similar to what happened with Sony and Spider-Man. Could we be seeing Fox licensed characters in the MCU? Could Wolverine join The Avengers? Seth and Crazy Train tackle these questions and more. Plus in Arrow news, for WWE Superstar Cody Rhodes will be coming to Star City to resume his onscreen feud with Stephen Amell. What character could the former Stardust be playing? In other Arrowverse news, Tom Felton aka Draco Malfoy has been cast for Season 3 of Flash, and Vixen will be joining the Legends Of Tomorrow crew/ Additionally, Netflix has ordered ten episodes of a Lost In Space reboot. All this, plus reviews of Now You See Mee 2, Civil War II #2, Captain America #2, and DC Rebirth.