Tom Welling Allegedly Turned Down Being The Arrowverse Superman

Actor Tom Welling recently appeared at New Zealand’s Armageddon Expo, where he confirmed rumors that he will be appearing in Arrow’s upcoming eighth season. He also implied he turned down being Superman in previous seasons of Supergirl.

CBR published the story the other day:

According to worldofmera on Twitter, Welling confirmed the news at Armageddon Expo in New Zealand. During a panel, he reportedly said, “I will be on Arrow next season.” The poster then noted that Welling didn’t indicate the extent of his role or even who he would be playing. However, he did reportedly reveal he turned down the chance to play Superman on CW’s Supergirl.


Welling of course played Clark Kent for ten years on Smallville, and only wore the Superman suit in the series finale.

Arrow was given an early renewal for an eighth season, but lead actor Stephen Amell revealed that it will be the final season. The series finale for Arrow will likely be around the time the Crisis On Infinite Earths crossover special airs.

So what role will Welling have come this fall? The actor didn’t say, but we likely won’t have to wait too long to find out.