The Mandalorian Finale Review

Season Two of The Mandalorian has ended and boy was it a doozy! Not only did we get the conclusion to Mando’s story, but we also got the perfect springboard to additional stories.

SPOILER WARNING! – Star Destroyer sized spoilers inside! If you have not seen the season finale, proceed at your own risk!


  • The Jedi that answered Grogu’s call was indeed Luke Skywalker
  • Moff Gideon is alive and is now in the Bo Katan’s custody
  • Boba Fett is officially set for his own series
  • Mando seemingly has let go of the belief to never take his helmet off

This episode kicked off with what is called “in medias res”, meaning in the midst of the action or plot. Our heroes were all on board Slave I as it pursued an Imperial Shuttle containing Dr. Pershing. I’m not sure why they needed Pershing in the first place, but it was a cool scene because it showed how Cara Dune doesn’t take crap when she gets pushed.

The majority of the episode took place on Gideon’s light cruiser with our heroes infiltrating the ship to take over the bridge. However, Moff Gideon was wise to this tactic and positioned himself where he could execute Grogu (Baby Yoda). This led to Mando and Gideon having a duel which Mando won.

Gideon, ever the opportunist, bided his time to a point where he could try forcing Mando and Bo-Katan to a duel for possession of the Darksaber. By this time, Dark Troopers had been released and were ready to make mincemeat out of everybody on board.

Before any further drama could take place, a lone X-Wing landed on the light cruiser. At this point, there was a major surge felt in The Force as just about every ardent fanboy and fangirl collectively lost their minds. Indeed it was Luke Skywalker, who was apparently played by Mark Hamill himself with de-aged CGI effects to make him look like he was in his 30s again. Luke effortlessly trashed the Dark Troopers and then took Grogu for training.

The last few minutes were an emotional rollercoaster. Grogu had to say goodbye to Mando. Mando took his helmet off in front of the entire party, presumably to show respect to Grogu. Luke even said, “May The Force be with you”.

As if THAT wasn’t enough, we got a post-credits stinger Marvel Style which saw Boba Fett take over Jabba’s Palace, kill a very fat Bib Fortuna, and become the new main power on Tatooine.


  • What the heck is in store for Season 3?
  • Does this mean Kylo Ren cuts down Grogu in a few years?
  • Will Mando be forced to fight Bo-Katan for the rights to the Darksaber?
  • What will happen to Moff Gideon? Prison? Execution? Trial by combat?
  • If the Darksaber can only change hands via Trial By Combat, then isn’t Bo-Katan’s claim to the Darksaber invalid? Or was Gideon wrong?


If there ever was a perfect episode of The Mandalorian, this is it. This had everything you could ever want in a Star Wars story. Character development, great action, a satisfying conclusion, and hope for the future. Plus, any gamer could practically see the dice being rolled during the combat scenes.

The future of Star Wars on Disney+ couldn’t be brighter. Regardless of what happens on the big screen, it’s hard to be pessimistic about Star Wars on streaming platforms.

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