The Bad Batch Episode 11 “Devil’s Deal” Review

What the devil do they mean?

Senator Orn Free Taa addresses the people of Ryloth. He tells them not to fear The Empire and that they can step down from their military posts and embrace freedom. The crowd does not like this and demands to hear from Cham Syndulla. Cham explains that The Republic fought with Twi’leks and for Ryloth. The war is over, and the Republic army has earned his respect and he trusts them to protect Ryloth from now on.

Later, Vice Admiral Rampart shows Cham and Eleni around the new Imperial mining facility. The Twi’leks can’t help but notice the cannons placed all around because they were told this would not be a military base. Rampart replies that the weapons are merely there for defense.

Gobi Glie isn’t as optimistic about Ryloth’s future under The Empire. He and Hera Syndulla fly to a remote area of Ryloth where they meet The Bad Batch. Unbeknownst to them, Crosshair tagged their ship with a tracking device. Gobi collects weapons purchased from Cid while Omega shows Hera around the ship.

Unfortunately, Crosshair tagged their ship with a tracking device and they are shot down upon their return. Taa accuses them of treason and demands that they are taken into custody. Suddenly, Crosshair shoots Taa from afar with a sniper rifle. Hera and Chopper escape in a speeder. Rampart then has the Syndullas and Gobi arrested for assassinating the senator.


There was nothing bad about this episode, but unless you’re a huge Syndulla fan there wasn’t much that happened. It was also weird to see The Bad Batch themselves take a backseat for an episode of their own series. There also wasn’t much action in the episode.

That said, there was a lot of political intrigue, since this episode was much the same as the last with a planet dealing with an Imperial presence that they didn’t ask for. The next episode will likely pick up the speed and get our heroes back on the action path.