Examining The Doctor #71: Twice Upon A Time

Examining The Doctor #71: Twice Upon A Time

It’s always a little emotional when a Doctor leaves, and Peter Capaldi’s departure was no different. The magic number of three seasons has passed, and we usher in Jodie Whittaker. But in a fun twist, we got the return of David Bradley as The First Doctor.

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Examining The Doctor: The Return Of Doctor Mysterio

Examining The Doctor returns to examine The Return Of Doctor Mysterio! Join Mark and Seth as they provide their signature blend of knowledge and humor to the first new Doctor Who story in a full year. When a species of living brains start taking over world leaders, it’s up to The Doctor, Nardole, and a superhero known as The Ghost to save the world.

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In addition to the usual commentary, Mark and Seth discuss the recently announced departure of Peter Capaldi from the series. Who can step into the TARDIS as The Thirteenth Doctor? And what can we expect from the final Capaldi season.

Peter Capaldi Leaving Doctor Who

The hopes and/or fears of Doctor Who fans worldwide have now been realized. Peter Capaldi is stepping out of The TARDIS for the final time at the end of 2017.

Capaldi himself confirmed his decision to leave on an episode of Jo Whiley’s BBC 2 Radio Show.

“I feel sad. I love Doctor Who. It’s a fantastic program to work on, and it’s been a huge pleasure to work with a family. I can’t praise the people I’ve worked with more highly.”

Peter Capaldi was first announced as The Twelfth Doctor at a live BBC television announcement in August of 2013. He made a very brief cameo in the 50th Anniversary special “Day Of The Doctor” before taking over The TARDIS from Matt Smith in the 2013 Christmas Special “Time Of The Doctor”.

Series 10 of Doctor Who premieres April 15th. Pearl Mackie will join the cast as Bill, while Matt Lucas will return as Nardole. The season will also be the last for showrunner Stephen Moffat, who will step down and hand the show over to incoming producer Chris Chibnall

The Witch’s Familiar Examined

Examining The Doctor #18: The Witch’s Familiar Examined

Part two of the Series 9 Premiere. This week’s Examining The Doctor looks at The Witch’s Familiar. Like last week the regular crew pokes fun at what is bad, but praises what is good. Something for the old school and new school fan to enjoy. Even if it needs to be taken with a sense of humor.

The Magician’s Apprentice Examined

Examining The Doctor returns to commentary episodes with a look at the Series 9 premiere “The Magician’s Apprentice”. Peter Capaldi’s second season certainly kicked off with some memorable moments. Seth, Mark, and Uncle Greg hop into their TARDIS to provide commentary on the episode. A little history, a little discussion, and more than a few jokes. This commentary track will hopefully both entertain and educate fans of Classic Who and Current Who alike.

It’s like Mystery Science Theater meets DVD commentary tracks.

If you don’t have the episode on your DVR or can’t get it On Demand, you can get it right here from Amazon! It’s also available on iTunes.

In other Who news, the crew talks about the announced departure of Stephen Moffat, and the removal of Doctor Who from popular streaming services.

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