Luke Cage, Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Legends Of Tomorrow Early Reviews. Plus Timeless and Conviction – Geekville Podcast Episode 147


Welcome to Episode 147 of The Geekville Podcast!

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Latest Doctor Strange Trailer mentions The Avengers

Iron Fist NYCC Trailer



Agents Of SHIELD Season 4

  • TV-14 right out of the gate
  • Ghost Rider’s look and depiction
  • Director Jeffrey Chase and comparisons to his comic counterpart

Supergirl Season 2

  • Tyler Hoechlin’s performance as Superman/Clark Kent
  • Metallo as the new villain
  • The new DEO location

Flash Season 3

  • The Flashpoint storyline
  • Cisco’s brother Dante is dead in the current timeline
  • Jay Garrick explains messing with the timeline

Arrow Season 5

  • Ragman joining the team
  • Prometheus, and comparisons to his comic counterpart and Batman
  • Felicity’s new boyfriend and why he looks like John Ritter

Legends Of Tomorrow Season 2

  • Stephen Amell in the season premiere
  • Will this season be “The Search For Rip Hunter”?

Timeless Season 1

  • Season Premiere featured The Hindenberg Disaster
  • Matt Lanter’s connection to Star Wars
  • Matt Frewer as the time machine inventor

Conviction Season 1

  • Hayley Atwell post Agent Carter
  • How Conviction differs from other crime shows

Luke Cage Season 1

  • Controversy surrounding the series
  • Cottonmouth’s character with comparisons to his comic counterpart
  • Shades with comparisons to his comic counterpart

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