Geekville Radio #246

Geekville Radio #246

(1:50) Disney Plus First Impressions

Disney + is here! I know it just kind of snuck up and surprised everybody without much fanfare (sarcasm of course), but it’s finally here and a ton of people are watching.

What are some of the first things on your viewing lists?

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Rise of Skywalker Trailer Analysis

Rise of Skywalker Trailer Breakdown

Seth flies solo to give a detailed rundown of the brand new final trailer for Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker. Is it really Palpatine? Is it really The Millenium Falcon? And whose throne is that anyway?

Of course, you can follow along with the trailer right here:

Geekville Radio #245: Mega Marvel Update!

It’s a huge week of news, especially for Marvel MCU fans. Subjects are tagged with timestamps if you want to get right to them

(1:55) Kevin Feige to produce a Star Wars film

The Hollywood Reporter broke the story last week that Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige will develop a new Star Wars movie. It certainly could be in response to the Sequel Trilogy fan reception, especially The Last Jedi. And, of course, the underwhelming performance of Solo. Given Feige’s track record with the Marvel films, it seems like a natural pairing.

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Star Wars Sizzle Reel From D23

One of the biggest hopes for fans at D23 was a glimpse of any additional footage from The Rise Of Skywalker. While no full trailer was shown, there was this sizzle reel that blended moments from the previous films in with new glimpses at Episode IX.

The Episode IX footage starts at about one-minute in

A red-eyed Threepio? More Palpatine dialogue? Ships coming out of lightspeed in an atmosphere? REY WITH A RED SABER?!? December cannot come fast enough!