Mark Hamill’s TV Show Did a Jedi Level Trolling of Star Wars Fans

Mark Hamill has never been one to pass up a good opportunity to have a little fun affectionately trolling fans. In 2016 the Star Wars icon famously teased an exclusive behind the scenes look at Luke’s training of Rey from Episode VIII. When the reveal finally came, it was clear that the picture was a punchline to a joke.

Mark Hamill on Daisy Ridley’s back a la Yoda

Last week, a tweet about “Episode VIII” was made by the page for Hamill’s TV show Pop Culture Quest.

Alas the reveal was a look at the eighth episode of of the series, not a look at the upcoming Star Wars film.

Still, the Jedi Joker couldn’t help but have a little self deprecating fun over the gag.

Mark Hamill’s Pop Culture Quest features Mark Hamill traveling the world in search of rare collectibles and pop culture memorabilia. It airs on the streaming channel Comic-Con HQ. You can find out more about it at