Big Finish’s 20th Anniversary Doctor Who Story: The Legacy Of Time

Big Finish celebrates 20 years of Doctor Who Stories

Big Finish is celebrating 20 years of original Doctor Who stories in the most “Doctor Whoish” way. Not only does The Legacy Of Time feature six (count ’em SIX) incarnations of the famous Time Lord, but it also has companions from both the old and new series. It’s a multi-generational mash-up that can only be done by Big Finish.

Tom Baker, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Paul McGann all reprise their respective Doctors, while Tim Treloar replaces the late great Jon Pertwee. Some of the familar supporting characters include Ace, Leela, Jo Grant, Osgood, Kate Stewart, and of course River Song.

The six CD set (?!?!) is currently available, but is limited to 4,000 copies. An MP3 edition is available for immediate download. Both are available at Big Finish’s site.

The Doctor Who/Pigs In Space Crossover You Didn’t Know Existed (And Can’t Live Without)

The Muppets recently had their live show at the famous O2 Arena in London England. Among one of the many sketches was Pigs In Space, a regular segment on the old Muppet Show. On this particular sketch, the crew of The Swine Trek encounter a certain Time Lord. Hilarity ensues.

Yes, it’s The Tenth Doctor himself, David Tennant. But if that weren’t enough, the sketch also ran with Tennant’s real life father in-law Peter Davison… who also happened to be The Fifth Doctor.

Two sketches, two Doctors. And plenty of awesome!

It’s also worth mentioning that former Doctor Who companion Kylie Minogue also helped in one of the musical acts, the famous “Rainbow Connection”.

Everybody attending seemed to love the show. Hopefully it sees some sort of official release.

The Caves Of Androzani Part Three Examined

Examining The Doctor: The Caves Of Androzani Part Three

It’s a very different episode of Examining The Doctor this week, as it lacks two thirds of its Time Lords. Seth is forced to pilot his TARDIS solo while examining Part Three of The Caves Of Androzani. See The Magma Beast in all it’s glory, and the political intrigue that develops between Morgus and The President. But most importantly, see why this is named The Greatest Doctor Who Story of all time!

The Caves Of Androzani Part Two Examined

The Caves Of Androzani Part Two Examined

Peter Davison’s epic swansong The Caves Of Androzani is the focus of Examining The Doctor. Part Two finds The Doctor and Peri facing a Firing Squad (or does it?). Throughout the episode, the political struggle between Androzani Major and Androzani Minor is fleshed out, Sharaz Jek’s role is defined, and we get some wonderfully silly shots of The Magma Creature.

Still, despite the budgetary issues, the elements of greatness shine through in this second installment of what is now the Guinness Book Of World Records Holder as The Greatest Doctor Who Story Of All Time. Join Mark and Seth as they bring their trademark blend of knowledge and humor to this episode. It’s the audio equivalent of Spectrox.

Examining The Five Doctors

Examining The Doctor #14: The Five Doctors

It’s a new era for Examining The Doctor. The format of the show has officially shifted from examining all of The Doctor’s incarnations to examining stories. Each new episode will look at a classic or modern Who story, and will provide a commentary track to be played during the episodes. History, insight, and jokes aplenty to be found. If you’re a fan of Doctor Who and movie riffings a la Mystery Science Theater or Riffrax, you’ll love this new format. The first story to be examined is the 1983 classic The Five Doctors, which aired for the show’s 20th Anniversary.