Actors that have been in both Star Wars and Doctor Who

Both Star Wars and Doctor Who have their devoted fanbases. With Doctor Who, a TV fixture for 56 years (counting the 16 years between series runs), it has seen 13 lead actors and countless supporting actors in a constantly changing cast. Just about anybody who’s anybody in England has appeared in Doctor Who in some capacity.

Star Wars has been at the forefront of pop culture for over 40 years (counting the 16 years between the classic films and the prequels). At the very least, just about every actor associated with the galaxy far far away can find fans at a comic-con or sci-fi convention.

But what of those who have had roles in both Star Wars AND Doctor Who? Believe it or not, there are several names on that list. And some of them may really surprise you!

Mind Blowing Fan Theory about “Dr. Who”

Here’s an interesting fan theory as to how Peter Cushing’s human “Dr. Who” fits into the canon. Cushing of course does not count as any of the 12 established incarnations of everybody’s favorite Time Lord. But is it possible to make his character canon?


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