Star Wars in Real World Years

As most ardent fans know, the Star Wars timeline is typically built around the events of the original 1977 film. The years are usually dated BBY (Before The Battle Of Yavin) or ABY (After The Battle Of Yavin).

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Star Wars: What Happened? Arrowverse Season Roundup, E3 Preview

It’s a giant-sized edition of Geekville Radio this week! THREE huge topics!


Seth and Crazy Train return to talk the disappointing performance of Solo: A Star Wars Story at the box office. What could be to blame for the lackluster reception? Could this be a backlash due to poor audience reception of The Last Jedi? Or merely a result of a saturated market? Or perhaps the recasting of such a beloved character is the reason? Whatever the case, Solo and The Last Jedi have very different Critic vs. Audience ratings.


The middle portion of the show is devoted to the winding down of the current Arrowverse shows on CW. John Constantine has been announced as a regular for Season 4 of Legends Of Tomorrow. On top of that, a new showrunner has been announced in Beth Schwartz. What could we expect in the coming seasons? Are there any new or returning characters on the horizon?


Finally, E3 is right around the corner. Train and Seth chime in on what they hope to hear from the major game publishers this year.

Have any thoughts on the state of Star Wars, The Arrowverse, or E3? Drop us a line below and let us know what you think! The chances are good that feedback will be read on the air in future episodes!

Geekville Radio: Obi-Wan Movie! Is Han Solo Force Sensitive? Defenders Review!

In some pretty major Star Wars movie news, Hollywood Reporter has announced LucasFilm plans for a standalone Obi-Wan Kenobi film. No writer or star have been attached, but Academy Award nominated director Stephen Daldry is in negotiations to direct the film. Join Seth and Train as they discuss the possibilities of the film, and where this could lead to as far as future standalone movies.

Who would you like to see in their own movie? Boba Fett? Jabba The Hutt? Yoda? Sound off below and let us know!

In other Star Wars talk, there has been rampant fan speculation as to whether Han Solo was Force Sentsitive. Train and Seth discuss the possibility, including a pretty rock solid theory by Seth.

And only on Geekville Radio will you hear Force Sensitivity explained in Megadeth and Eric Clapton references…

The latter half of the show is devoted to reviewing the latest Marvel Netflix series The Defenders. Did it live up to the hype? Did it have a suitable ending? And how awesome was Evil Sigourney Weaver?

Plus, Seth and Train speculate on where the “MNU” may be heading after Defenders.

All this and more in another fun-filled Geekville Radio!

Geekville Radio: Ron Howard Directing Han Solo, Dazzler in Dark Phoenix, Spider-Man Homecoming Reviews

Following last week’s departure of Phil Lord and Chris Miller from the Han Solo standalone film, LucasFilm announced Ron Howard will be taking over the project. What changes could be in store for the film? And what does the Academy Award winning director bring to the table? Crazy Train returns to the show to discuss all things Han Solo and Ron Howard with host Seth.

In Marvel news, Dazzler will be the latest mutant to make a big screen debut when X-Men: Dark Phoenix is released. Are there other iconic X-Men stories that cold be brought to the big screen?

And finally, early reviews are overwhelmingly positive for Spider-Man Homecoming. Hear what some critics are tweeting about Tom Holland and Michael Keaton’s performances.

All this and more in another fun-filled Geekville Radio!

Geekville Radio 176

An abbreviated show this week as Seth flies solo on a light news week.

The top story is that directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller were let go from The Han Solo movie. What does this mean for the future? And who could be the replacement?

In other news, Joss Whedon is apparently making heavy changes to the Justice League film. Could we finally get the Hall Of Justice?

In sadder news, the toxicology report for Carrie Fisher’s death has been released, and there were in fact bad substances in her system.

The final story is about character actor Stephen Furst, who passed away at the age of 63.