Henry Cavill Returning to Superman

Henry Cavill has reportedly signed a three-picture deal with Warner Brothers to return as Clark Kent, aka Superman.

Cavill, who last played the role in 2017’s Justice League, had been rumored to be leaving the role. Those rumors hit their peak when he declined to cameo in Shazam the following year.

Details about the deal are scarce at this time, but all the reports point to it being three films with cameos in other DCEU movies. Whether those three films will be Superman solo outings or team-ups like another Justice League have yet to be confirmed. That said, Cavill fans can breathe easy knowing that the 37-year-old actor will be donning the tights for years to come.

In addition to Superman, Cavill has a lot of work at the table. He co-stars with Millie Bobby Brown in Netflix’s Enola Homes which will premiere this month. He also has at least one more season of The Witcher on the way. HBOMax will debut the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League in the Spring of next year.