Aquaman Swims Tall In New Trailer!

One of the more anticipated trailers for DC’s movie universe was finally unveiled today at San Diego Comic Con. Debuting at the Hall H Panel today, the Aquaman trailer gave us our first full look at the feature film take on the long standing Justice League member. The plot centers around Arthur Curry’s evil half-brother Orm attempting to wage war on the rest of the world.

Aquaman opens this December, and is directed by James Wan (Saw, Furious 7). It stars Jason Momoa (Stargate Atlantis) in the title role, along with Amber Heard (Magic Mike XXL), Temuera Morrison (Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones) and Dolph Lundgren (Rocky IV).

To give an idea of what Orm is like, check out this scene from Justice League Unlimited, which shows Aquaman’s badassery.

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News For The Week May 8th

There’s a ton of news to talk about on this episode of Geekville Radio! Seth, Crazy Train, and special guest Lead Base cover the news and the fallout of Free Comic Book Day. Timestamps are included if you want to skip to certain parts.

1:45 – First up, Rockstar Games has released the latest trailer for Red Dead Redemption 2. Check it out below

11:51 – In Marvel MCU news, Black Panther will be available in digital format on May 8th. It will drop on Blu-Ray and DVD a week later. This is interesting news becuase Black Panther is still being shown in theaters. What behind the scenes content could be included as extras? Cut footage? How the language was created? A look at the music?

31:45 – Also in movie news, Entertainment Weekly noted in a recent article that advance ticket sales for Solo: A Star Wars Story have surpassed Black Panther. Could this be a mega-hit despite the controversy? Will it see the success that the Star Trek recasting has?

39:45 – As a compendium to our previous episode, Train and Lead Base speculate on what the previews in Free Comic Book Day releases will affect the Marvel and DC Universe titles.

42:20 – Amazing Spider-Man #1: Peter Parker’s rommate is set to be Boomerang

46:10 – Justice League: Batman and Catwoman are getting married, and all the main Justice League power hitters are off planet. What could the approaching giant beings mean for Earth? Will this change the DCU (again)?

1:06:45 – Avengers: Loki had harnassed the power of a Celestial, making him a terribly powerful foe. On top of that, Odin himself has given Black Panther the tast of killing The God Of Mischief. With Loki’s future in the MCU now seemingly known, could this be the same in the comic world as well?

1:09:51 – Guardians Of The Galaxy: The Infinity Stones are back! Clever writing? Or marketing ploy? The panel discusses the possibilities.

1:25:15 – The final segment of the show is devoted to Lead Base’s experience with the other end of Free Comic Book Day. Hear what it’s like to be a comic book artist on one of the biggest days of the year for comic fans. If you’re an aspiring comic artist, you’ll get plenty of good advice on how to start out. Including how washing dishes can help your drawing ability.

All this and a lot of fun tangents in the latest fun-filled episode of Geekville Radio! You can contact Lead Base Studios at

Geekville Radio: C2E2 Hangover

C2E2 is in the history books, and there’s plenty of news to talk about. Join Seth and Crazy Train as they talk the Marvel and DC announcements coming out of the event.

Marvel announced details of this summers Secret Empire crossover which pits the Marvel heroes against a Steve Rogers lead HYDRA. Also, Marvel talked the Ressurxion, which effectively rebrands the X-Men books into three separate titles” X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, and Astonishing X-Men. Plus hear details on Legacy, Generations, and Black Panther.

Not to be outdone, DC announced they are expanding their universe by adding all-new characters with Dark Matter. Get the gist on The Silencer, Sideways, The Immortal Men, Damage, and The Neew Challengers. This is not a separate universe, these are all new additions to the same DCU we know and love.

The second half of the show focuses on the Celebrity and Entertainment panels. No recording was allowed, so there unfortunately there are no clips. However, Seth did give some of the notable details from panels that include Stan Lee and Frank Miller, The Flash’s Danielle Panabaker, Agents Of SHIELD, Vincent D’onofrio, and the hilarious Twisted Toonz reading of Back To The Future.

All this and more in another fun filled Geekville Radio!

Trailer for the R Rated Justice League Dark Blu Ray

Batman: The Killing Joke isn’t the only R-Rated DC Animated Release. Warner Bros. have confirmed that the upcoming Justice League Dark will also carry the Restricted rating.

Below is the first trailer for the anticipated release.

Justice League Dark will star the voice talents of Jason O’Mara as Batman, Nicholas Turturro as Deadman, Rosario Dawson as Wonder Woman, and Jerry O’Connell as Superman. Fan favorite Matt Ryan will also be reprising the role of Constantine that he played for the NBC TV Series.

Justice League Dark is set for DVD, Blu-Ray, and Digital Release in early 2017