Examining The Doctor #78: Dalek

Examining The Doctor #78

To celebrate Christopher Eccleston’s return to Doctor Who, Seth and Mark watch the classic episode Dalek. Arguably the best episode of Eccleston’s season, Dalek not only introduces The Doctor’s greatest enemy to a modern audience, but it also gives the first hints into The Doctor’s past with The Time War.

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Examining The Doctor #73: The Return Of Christopher Eccleston

Examining The Doctor #73

Seth flies solo to talk the return of Christopher Eccleston to the role of Doctor Who after 15 years. Plus he gives hints about what is in store for future commentary episodes.

The Doctor Dances Examined

Examining The Doctor #32: The Doctor Dances examined

The second part of The Empty Child has Christopher Eccleston’s Ninth Doctor in a position where he must save the world from nanogenes during early WWII. Mark and Seth bring their usual blend of classic knowledge and satirical humor to provide commentary for what is widely regarded as one of the best stories not only in the modern era but in all Doctor Who, as it is rated in the Top 10 via Doctor Who Magazine fan votes.