Geekville Radio #256: Star Wars High Republic and C2E2 Coverage

Seth and Crazy Train return to talk several subjects, ranging from Star Wars: The High Republic to C2E2. Specifically, the future of DC Comics and Marvel’s Empyre storyline.

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Geekville Radio #227

Geekville Radio #227

Seth “Zandrax” Zillmann and “Crazy Train” Jonathan Bolick return to the airwaves to discuss some of the news topics of the week

Mark Hamill to be in Guardians Of The Galaxy? (1:15)

Since the return of James Gunn to Guardians Of The Galaxy 3, rumors have resurfaced that Mark Hamill may be playing a character in the film. Could he be a hero? Villain? Mercenary?

Emily Bett Rickards leaving Arrow (9:30)

The actress recently announced her departure from Arrow. Shortly afterwards, it was revealed that Felicity will not be appearing in Season 8. Could this mean a return to the comic-based pairing of Green Arrow and Black Canary?

Disney recasting X-Men except Deadpool (16:00)

It had been speculated for years, but Marvel all but confirmed during C2E2 that The X-Men and Fantastic Four will be recast and rebooted for The MCU. The only exception is Ryan Reynolds will continue as Deadpool.

We did predict on Episode 225 that this would happen, because it’s common sense. Though it will likely be several years before we get the MCU Proper X-Men film.

There is the new rumor that Stan Lee cameos may be replaced by Deadpool cameos. Which may be the best option to go with.

It is also worth noting that X-Men material is already available on Disney’s site.

Here is the list of channels and studios that Disney now owns after the merger with Fox.

  • Twentieth Century Fox
  • Twentieth Century Fox Television
  • Fox Searchlight Pictures
  • Fox 2000 Pictures
  • Fox Family
  • Fox Animation
  • FX Productions
  • FX Networks
  • Fox21
  • National Geographic Partners
  • Fox Networks Group International
  • Star India
  • Fox’s part of Hulu

Batman retrospective 80th Anniversary (29:30)

At C2E2, DC Comics held a Batman 80th Anniversary Panel, in which some fun questions were asked.

The creation of Batman has its roots in the pulp crime magazines of the 30s. Several of the panelists mentioned the characters of The Shadow, The Phantom, and Green Hornet as pre-Batman inspirations.

Well, who are three out of the first four entrants in our Lesser Known Geek Hall Of Fame? The Shadow, The Phantom, and Green Hornet

Is there a favorite incarnation of Batman?

All this and more in another fun-filled edition of Geekville Radio!

Geekville Radio: C2E2 Hangover

C2E2 is in the history books, and there’s plenty of news to talk about. Join Seth and Crazy Train as they talk the Marvel and DC announcements coming out of the event.

Marvel announced details of this summers Secret Empire crossover which pits the Marvel heroes against a Steve Rogers lead HYDRA. Also, Marvel talked the Ressurxion, which effectively rebrands the X-Men books into three separate titles” X-Men Gold, X-Men Blue, and Astonishing X-Men. Plus hear details on Legacy, Generations, and Black Panther.

Not to be outdone, DC announced they are expanding their universe by adding all-new characters with Dark Matter. Get the gist on The Silencer, Sideways, The Immortal Men, Damage, and The Neew Challengers. This is not a separate universe, these are all new additions to the same DCU we know and love.

The second half of the show focuses on the Celebrity and Entertainment panels. No recording was allowed, so there unfortunately there are no clips. However, Seth did give some of the notable details from panels that include Stan Lee and Frank Miller, The Flash’s Danielle Panabaker, Agents Of SHIELD, Vincent D’onofrio, and the hilarious Twisted Toonz reading of Back To The Future.

All this and more in another fun filled Geekville Radio!