Back To The Future Voice Swap Sounds Surreal

Deepfake face changing may be the rage in modern mash-ups, but what about voice mash-ups? Voice actor James Arnold Taylor is up for the task. Hear (and see) what happens to Back to the Future when Marty has Doc’s voice and Doc has Marty’s.

Back to the Future opened in theaters exactly 35 years ago the day on this post. It is credited by many to be what established Fox and Lloyd as A-List actors.

More of James Arnold Taylor’s work can be found on his YouTube page.

Con Life!

A more personal show this week, as Seth tells Train about two major panels at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con. Namely the Back To The Future and Daredevil panels. What were the favorite lines and scenes of Michael J Fox, Lea Thompson, and Christopher Lloyd’s? What songs would Elektra, Karen Page, and Foggy Nelson sing at late night karaoke? All these questions and more are answered! Plus commentary on some of the amazing cosplay artists, and talk of the new female Iron Man: Ironheart! Not to mention a whole lotta random tomfoolery!

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