Rise Of Skywalker Footage Breakdown

The latest footage from Rise Of Skywalker

D23 debuted some new footage of Star Wars Episode IX: Rise Of Skywalker. You can see the footage above and see the key scenes below to follow along with our analysis.

Rey locked in combat with Kylo Ren’s cross-saber. She looks to be dampened with water, so is this part of the fight on the Death Star wreckage seen elsewhere?

The Sequel-Trilogy Heroes finally together for the first time. Note Rey reassembled the Skywalker Saber. Is this Tatooine? Jakku?

Our heroes appear to have stumbled upon a major festival being thrown by the indigenous locals. Perhaps they are celebrating Life Day?

The late great Carrie Fisher from what we know now as unused Force Awakens footage. This may still be Takodana, or could it be Yavin?

A whole bunch of Resistance spacecraft coming out of hyperspace while in orbit. Something that we know is VERY risky to do. But look at all the classic ships! X-Wings, B-Wings, A-Wings, even some Y-Wings. Is that the Tsundered Heart?

A whole bunch of Star Destroyers in a big galactic cloud. I’m not sure why Disney likes showing Star Destroyers in big storm clouds. But these do not look like they are in an attack formation.

On top of that, these are old-school Star Destroyers too. Could they be ships left over from the old Imperial fleet? Perhaps The Resistance is stealing them for their cause? Could these be REPUBLIC Destroyers?

Finn, along with Jannah in what could be The Falcon. Perhaps they are looking at that huge fleet?

Threepio with new red eyes. Of all things in this trailer, that’s what intrigues me the most. What would be needed to add to Threepio’s eyes that would change their color to red? Is this for scanning? Or is he merely possessed by evil?

A big beam shooting out from the sky onto a planet. A possible turbolaser bombardment? Is this Takodana? The snow makes it look like it’s a new planet.

Rey vigorously working with a training droid and throwing her lightsaber boomerang style. Anybody who played The Force Unleashed known how much fun that can be.

When she catches the saber, again we can see it’s the Skywalker Saber. Is it rebuilt? A copy?

Kylo walking on what looks to be a snow or salt-covered planet. It seems likely this is the same planet we saw getting fired upon a few scenes earlier.

Here’s the already famous fight on the Death Star II wreckage that floats on the water of Endor.

We hear Palpatine say “Your Journey nears its end”, and a brief sample of Darth Vader breathing. And then we see the final shot of Rey with the double-bladed saber.

Many fans have already made the prediction that this is not actually Rey. It very well could be some Force Vision or Projection a la Darth Vader in the cave on Dagobah.

What did you think of the trailer? Were there any scenes that piqued your interest? Sound of below!