Revolution Of The Daleks Trailer

The trailer for the long-awaited New Year’s Day special Revolution Of The Daleks was released today. Obviously, The Daleks return as the central villains. And if you haven’t heard by now, John Barrowman reprises his role of Captain Jack Harkness.

Just going by the trailer, it looks like Jacks’s appearance is more than a cameo. It also looks like The Doctor is captured and it’s up to Jack and the rest of the companions to free her. Meanwhile, The Daleks have arrived on Earth and have depicted themselves to be law enforcement drones. It seems humans will never learn to not believe Daleks.

The Doctor’s wardrobe looks updated as well, assuming it’s not a prisoner uniform. Though it does resemble a certain red jumpsuit from Gizmonics Institute.

Revolution Of The Daleks is set to air on New Year’s Day 2021