Michael Keaton Reprising Batman For DC’s Flashpoint Movie

Several major news outlets are reporting that Michael Keaton is in negotiations to reprise the role of Batman in the long-anticipated Flash standalone movie.

While reports state that Keaton will be Batman, no other details have surfaced about how Batman fits into the story. Especially since multiple versions of Batman have been portrayed on film in recent years.

Comic fans know that DC has a “multiverse” which allows multiple versions of the same character to appear in their books. This concept was brought to life in The Arrowverse’s Crisis On Infinite Earths. Hints about a multiverse have even made their way onto film in Batman v. Superman. Not to mention Ezra Miller himself cameoed as The Flash in CW’s TV show.

Keaton portrayed Batman/Bruce Wayne in a pair of blockbuster movies directed by Tim Burton. Both 1989’s Batman and 1992’s Batman Returns were considered two of the best superhero movies of their time. Batman creator Bob Kane endorsed Keaton for the role.

Whether this will have any direct connection to the pair of Keaton films remains to be seen. Even if it doesn’t, there are multiple ways Keaton can reprise the role that will satisfy both comic fans and moviegoers.