The Mandalorian Panel With GeekDig’s Vengeful Jedi

Geekville Radio is back with a look at The Mandalorian panel from Star Wars Celebration. We are joined by Vengeful Jedi, aka Clint, from GeekDig Podcast.

The Mandalorian Panel from Star Wars Celebration Chicago

Seth and Clint talk the panel, and the news coming out of it. Plus, Clint comments on the sneak peek footage that was only shown to people in attendance.

There was of course a live action Star Wars series in development before Disney bought LucasFilm. The now defunct 1313 game was supposed to be a tie in to it. Like that show, then rumored to be called Star Wars Underworld, The Mandalorian will focus on the grittier side of the Star Wars galaxy where characters are morally ambiguous and of questionable loyalty.

On top of that, Seth and Clint speculate on what The Rise Of Skywalker might mean when it comes to Episode IX.

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Pedro Pascal plays the character known at this time as only The Mandalorian
The vibe is very much that of a Western in space
Former MMA superstar Gina Carano portrays Cara Dune, a former Rebel Shocktrooper
Carl Weathers plays Greef, the leader of The Bounty Hunters Guild
As discussed on the podcast, Pre Vizsla was the character voiced by Jon Favreau in The Clone Wars. He carried a black lightsaber called a darksaber.

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