Mandalorian Season 3 In The Works

Although Season Two of The Mandalorian has yet to air, LucasFilm has apparently already started work on a Season Three. Variety reports that creator Jon Favreau is writing stories for Season Three, and the art department has been hard at work on concept drawings.

Details on what Season Three will consist of were, of course, not given. Full production has yet to begin, and the season is still in early development

There has been no official word on a third season for the Disney+ series. Yet the precedent of developing episodes before an unannounced season is there. When Clone Wars was canceled in 2012 at the end of Season Five, LucasFilm was working on a Season Six and Season Seven.

The Mandalorian Season Two will debut on Disney+ in October. Michael Biehn has joined the cast as an unnamed bounty hunter, and Rosario Dawson has reportedly signed to play an aging version of Clone Wars favorite Ahsoka Tano.