Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

Disney has finally released a trailer for the highly anticipated second season of The Mandalorian. To say fans have been blown away would be an understatement.

The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer

The Season One finale ended with the implication that The Mandalorian, Din Djaron, will seek out the home planet of The Child, affectionately called Baby Yoda by fans.

For this Season Two trailer, we assembled the best screencaps and did what every other sensible fan does: Establish our speculation as canon and get angry at anybody that disagrees!

A damaged Razorcrest flying over a planet… or is it a moon? Tatooine? Endor perhaps?
Mando and The Child on what could be Tatooine.
The Razorcrest over what is clearly Tatooine
Din, Baby Yoda, and an unidentified spacecraft
A Jedi? A Force User? A Dathomir Witch?
Boats in Star Wars? How long until we get sharks?
The Razorcrest side by side with New Republic X-Wings
Mando on a speeder on Tatooine. Perhaps “Born To Be Wild” could blare at some point?
Cara Dune and Greef Karga return. And got an upgrade in outfits.
TIE Fighter wings can collapse?
Imperial Scout Troopers take a big jump off a ledge
A duel between gladiators
Din talks to a cyclops alien, which will give some people Krull flashbacks
A Mandalorian standoff?

The trailer concludes with Baby Yoda closing his shell (like he could tell it was coming) and Mando apparently mopping the floor with all of his assailants. Whether the actual fight is shown or not will have to wait until October 30th, when The Mandalorian starts streaming on Disney+.