International Podcast Day: Best Of Examining The Doctor

We’re dusting off the cobwebs in the TARDIS to celebrate International Podcast Podcast Day. This episode of Examining The Doctor is a throwback to the early days where we discussed specific Doctors. There are three main segments to this epsiode

Segment 1 – The Best And Worst Of Doctor Who. Mark, Greg, and Seth discuss the Top Ten and Bottom 10 Doctor Who stories as voted by fans in the Doctor Who Magazine in 2013. The entire show, which also talks the Patrick Troughton years, can be found here

Segment 2 – The Colin Baker Years. A look back at Colin Baker’s run and the politics surrounding his departure. That episode can be found here

Segment 3 – The David Tennant Years. A look at Tennant’s first two years as The Doctor. Entire episode can be found here.

 Examining The Doctor is coming back to the Geekville Radio Airwaves soon.

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