HUGE Cameo in Crisis On Infinite Earths

Showrunner Marc Guggenheim promised there were more major cameos in store for Crisis On Infinite Earths, the latest in the annual Arrowverse crossover. Not only was that true, but the biggest cameo of all was kept a secret until tonight.

WARNING: This contains MAJOR SPOILERS for Crisis On Infinite Earths. If you don’t want to know any details, turn back now!

During the fourth episode, The Flash (Grant Gustin) travels back into the Speed Force in an attempt to save the Multiverse. There he meets another Flash from another Earth. However, this was not just another doppelganger. It was Ezra Miller’s Barry Allen from the DCEU films Batman v. Superman and Justice League. This means the Arrowverse has officially acknowledged the existence of their feature film counterparts.

Of course, this does not mean that Arrowverse characters should be expected to show up on the big screen. But it does make for another nice nugget for the fans.