Hasbro Releases Original GI Joe Episodes on YouTube

If you’re a GI Joe fan looking for stuff to tide you over during this time of quarantine, you’re in luck. Hasbro has released the first three GI Joe mini-series for free on YouTube. These were the five-part mini-series that aired before the regular series began in 1985.

A Real American Hero (1983) – This was also known as The MASS Device and aired in the fall of 1983. The premise involved Cobra kidnapping Duke and assembling a planet-altering weapon, The MASS Device. GI Joe scrambles to build their own MASS Device to combat Cobra’s.

The Revenge Of Cobra (1984) – Like the first series, this aired in the Fall of 1984. Cobra captures Duke (again?) and builds their planet-altering weapon (AGAIN?!?). This time called The Weather Dominator (AGAIN?!?).

Pyramid Of Darkness (1985) – This started the ongoing animated series in 1985. Apparently since they could no longer build a planet-altering weapon, Cobra hijacks a satellite and uses it to deprive the world of electricity.

All those episodes can be accessed below at Hasbro’s YouTube page.

All three original GI Joe mini-series

Hopefully, original Transformers episodes won’t be far behind.