Geekville Radio #265

Geekville Radio #265

Dusting off the cobwebs in The Geekville Radio Studios. Seth and Train return for another Geekville episode.

The San Diego Comic-Con At Home didn’t have nearly the amount of news that it usually does due to so many Hollywood studios being shut down. Still, there were a few nuggets of joy in the form of trailers and rumor confirmations.

Star Wars News

A new novel will be released soon that will chronicle how Palpatine managed to cheat death and what he was doing on the planet Exegol. Another Dark Lord of the Sith (Seth’s money is on Darth Bane) pursuing the secret of eternal life.

The Darth Vader comic series will show Vader being punished for not capturing Luke Skywalker in The Empire Strikes Back. It will also tie into The Rise Of Skywalker in some form.

Star Wars book and comic panel. Darth Vader discussion starts at 4:27


All of the major actors participated in a New Mutants panel where the first two minutes of the movie was shown, as well as a trailer. It’s the first Marvel release under the “20th Century Studios” brand.

New Mutants panel with trailer and preview

The documentary series Marvel 616 will be a series of stand-alone documentary episodes about the effect Marvel Comics has had on pop culture.

Bill & Ted Face The Music

Next up, Train and Seth talk Bill & Ted Face The Music and what kind of music might be on the soundtrack. The only confirmed song so far will be by Mastadon. Perhaps their best-known song is “Blood and Thunder”.

Blazing Samurai

A CGI remake of Blazing Saddles has been in the works since 2015 and has built a pretty impressive voice cast.

Promotional Poster from 2016

DC Comics Dark Metal

Dark Metal was another attempt at a DC Comics reboot. Train takes center stage to talk about the event, as well as the good and the bad of so damn many Batmans (Batmen?) running around.