Geekville Radio #261

Geekville Radio #261

Seth and Train return to discuss more Star Wars news and rumors. In addition to that, they talk Namor finally turning up in a live-action film, as well as his part in Black Panther 2. Finally, they top off the show with DC movie news regarding The Snyder cut of Justice League, and the potential return of Henry Cavill’s Superman.

This sums up the current world situation

2:45 – The Mandalorian Season Two Cast

  1. Katee Sackhoff is set to reprise the role of Bo-Katan in the second season of The Mandalorian
    • She voiced the character for two separate animated series, The Clone Wars, and Rebels
    • Bo-Katan was the last person we saw in possession of the darksaber before its appearance at the end of The Mandalorian. It would seem likely that she will want what is rightfully hers
    • Side talk on modern-day westerns and sci-fi westerns. Who better to play a female Mandalorian than Katee Sackhoff?
  2. Temuera Morrison is also confirmed to appear in The Mandalorian’s second season, but what role he will play has yet to be revealed
    • The most obvious role would be Boba Fett
    • However, Captain Rex is also a clone of Jango Fett, and with the return of Ahsoka, it would make sense that Rex could show up as well
  3. Timothy Olyphant will appear but in an unconfirmed role.
    • Rumor has it he will be in possession of Boba Fett’s armor
    • The EU had the character of Jodo Kast, who whore armor very similar to Fett’s and impersonated him at times
Embo the Bounty Hunter who is mentioned in the discussion

23:45 – Saving Star Wars?

  1. New Disney CEO Bob Chapek allegedly has made it his mission to “Save Star Wars”.
    • The Mandalorian will be looked at as the “New Disney Era”, meaning the next era after The Sequel Trilogy.
  2. Several projects are in development and they seem to get increasingly crazier and awesome as they go on
    • Ahsoka will get her own series that will tie-in with the long-rumored Cassian Andor series
    • The Obi-Wan series is rumored to have an appearance by Samuel L. Jackson as Mace Windu
    • Windu may even get his own series, with the backstory of how he survived the last several years will come from George Lucas himself
We may see the return of Mace Windu

41:10 – Namor The Sub-Mariner will finally appear in The MCU

  1. There have been many attempts to adapt Namor to TV and film
    • Ideas for a Namor TV Series go as far back as the 1950s, long before he was even a Marvel character,
    • Universal Pictures bought film rights in the 1990s and were rumored to have been seeking 90s star Fabio in the lead role.
    • As it looks now, Namor is in a position similar to The Hulk when it comes to the MCU. Disney can use him in movies as a co-star, but Universal still retains the rights for any standalone film.
  2. Namor will debut in Black Panther 2 as a villain
    • This is true to the comics, as Namor did battle T’Challa over Wakanda
    • Could we see a version of The Illuminati in The MCU?
    • Most likely, Namor will become his usual anti-hero self by the end of the movie

53:30 – Warner Brothers will release The Snyder Cut

  1. It will come to HBOMax in 2021
    • Perhaps the studio was reluctant to release it in theaters or as a home video release due to the added budget.
    • Fan-friendly content like this is the type of content geeks would by a service for.
  2. There are major differences from the theatrical version
    • Darkseid himself actually appears in Snyder’s version, whereas in the theatrical version he was only teased.
    • Which one will be looked at as canon?

1:00:00 – Henry Cavill in negotiations to return as Superman

  1. There are several rumors out there
    • Some say negotiations are ongoing, others say the deal is practically done
    • Like Namor and Hulk, Supes will likely only appear in supporting roles, so no Man of Steel 2.

In the usual Geekville Radio fashion, there are various other references and tangents. Including fan casting an X-Men movie in the 1990s, John Carpenter making a Western, Roddy Piper’s epic fight with Keith David in They Live, and multiple pro-wrestling analogies to explain heroes and villains.