Geekville Radio #214: A Tribute To Stan Lee

The importance of Stan Lee to the history of comic books and superheroes cannot be overstated. Lee was so influential, writers to this day may be borrowing from his storytelling style without even knowing it.

This special tribute edition of Geekville Radio is devoted to the life and career of The Generalissimo himself, Stan “The Man” Lee, who passed away earlier this week at the ripe young age of 95.

Seth is joined by Ken Rose and Kylan Toles of Geek Watch One, and Vernon McWain-Moore of DC SuperPowers, to pay tribute to the man who was the creative force behind Marvel Comics for so many years.

Some of the topics discussed include how, instead of the mega-hero like Superman, Stan Lee gave the world the “flawed hero”. He also was able to provide social commentary on the Civil Rights Movement in the 1960s through The X-Men comics. And, of course, Stan popularized the “shared universe” where what happens in one title might affect characters in another title. All of these things are so commonplace in comics and movies today that people may not even realize that the very basis of The Marvel Cinematic Universe was brought to us by Stan Lee in the Silver Age of Marvel.

Here is the image of Stan from the 1970s that is discussed in the show

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