A Star Destroyer Sized Review Of Rogue One!

Image Credit: LucasFilm/Disney

Did you know there was a little independent film released over the weekend called Rogue One? The film was a modest success, scoring $290 million dollars worldwide over the weekend.

To tackle reviewing this milestone Star Wars film, Geekville Radio has joined forces with fellow podcasters Ken from Geek Watch One, and Clint from GeekDig. Together, this ragtag band of rebels provide multiple viewpoints on the latest entry into the Star Wars franchise.

Putting the War in Star Wars.

Is this the Darth Vader we wanted in The Prequels?

What about those cameos!

Needless to say, this will be a very spoiler filled review of the movie. You’ll hear insight into Star Wars lore you won’t get anywhere else! We are one with The Force and The Force is with us.