Four Ways Michael Keaton Can Return As Batman

The geek world was taken by storm with the news that Michael Keaton may be returning to the role of Batman in the upcoming Flash standalone film. Keaton, of course, played The Dark Knight in two blockbuster films in 1989 and 1992 before passing on 1995’s Batman Forever.

It’s been 28 years since Keaton last donned the cowl, and a lot has changed both in the comic and movie platforms. It’s a pretty safe bet that any return to Batman by Keaton will be welcomed by fans. But just what will be the onscreen story for Batman’s Return (pun intended)?

Here are four basic, but pretty explosive incarnations of The Dark Knight that Keaton could portray. His acting resume has proven he could handle any of them.

The Classic 1989 Batman – Yes, Michael Keaton is 68 years old and hasn’t put on the cowl in almost 30 years. But with current technology, he could be digitally de-aged to look like he did in the early 90s. Since this likely will be a supporting role at most, it’s feasible that an appearance by his original incarnation could be in the cards

“Flashpoint” Batman – The Flash standalone movie is rumored to be based on the Flashpoint storyline from the comics. As comic fans know, Flashpoint saw Barry Allen travel back in time to prevent his mother’s murder. This act triggered a new reality where, among other things, young Bruce Wayne was gunned down alongside Martha instead of his father, Thomas. Thus, Flash returned to a world where Batman was now Bruce Wayne’s father. An older actor such as Keaton would fit the bill perfectly.

“Batman Beyond” Bruce WayneBatman Beyond was a spin-off of Batman: The Animated Series set several years in the future. On that show, Batman was now a young man named Terry McGinnis with Bruce Wayne serving as a mentor. Since one of Flash’s abilities is time travel, he could easily find himself in the future alongside the next generation’s Batman and catching up on old times with an old Bruce Wayne.

“Dark Knight Returns” Batman – If the DC Movie Universe is going to depict a Multiverse, then it is possible one of those universes would be from the Dark Knight Returns stories. Frank Miller’s 1986 miniseries is credited with repopularizing Batman in the 1980s, which lead to the 1989 Keaton film in the first place. What better way to pay tribute to the series that inspired the film than the same actor playing that incarnation?

Do you have any ideas for Michael Keaton’s return to The Caped Crusader? Sound off below!