Examining The Spider-Man Far From Home Trailer

Geekville Radio #233: Spider-Man: Far From Home Trailer

Sony released a second trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, which gives a little more of the story. That means it’s time to examine every frame of it so we can lay out what everything means and then get mad if it turns out to be something different.

So queue up the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer and follow along!

From Bubble Boy to Supervillain. Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio
Is this a rib on Holland given his alleged history of leaking spoilers?
A very sad looking Peter
A tribute to Iron Man, presumably in the same scene
Looks like Happy Hogan is now Peter’s father figure
I’m not crying, you’re crying
Spidey busting some well armed criminals
The Iron Spider costume makes another appearance
Spidey evading gunfire
The classic costume is back!
“You don’t ghost Nick Fury!” Plus, an added Absorbing Man reference
So did MJ get snapped?
Ned can’t catch a break sometimes. By the way, in the comics Ned Leeds is Hobgoblin
Nick Fury returns
Spidey en route to a secret lair
Fury and Hill already know Mysterio
Earth Elemental? Or Absorbing Man?
Will Maria Hill be around more often?
Water Elemental? Or Hydro Man?
Stealth Suit Spider-Man?
Since he can’t use F-Bombs, will “Bitch, please!” be Fury’s catchphrase?
Fire Elemental? Or Molten Man?
Mysterio flying and fighting
Looks like Mysterio is packing a huge punch, assuming it’s not a trick.
Peter and Mysterio having a serious talk
Sooo, if it’s obvious that Peter is Spider-Man, why is MJ the only one that figured it out?
Perhaps the Elementals are combining?
At last, THE FISHBOWL Helmet!
Look! Up in the sky! …Oops! Wrong franchise…
Paging Captain Planet!
Somebody’s bound to make a “London Bridge” joke
Perhaps foreshadowing Mysterio’s villainous ways?
Where’s the fishbowl?
Tony’s Nanotech Glasses?
A city decimated
Is this before, after or during the destruction in the previous pic?
More Stark Tech for Spidey?
Fury giving a stern talking to the “Black Ops” Spidey
Iron Man Memorial
Fire Elemental? Or Holocaust?
Combat Suit Spidey swinging to safety
It’s just not a Marvel film without some well placed comedy

Did we miss anything? Any other ideas? What did you think of this trailer?


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