Examining The Doctor #78: Dalek

Examining The Doctor #78

To celebrate Christopher Eccleston’s return to Doctor Who, Seth and Mark watch the classic episode Dalek. Arguably the best episode of Eccleston’s season, Dalek not only introduces The Doctor’s greatest enemy to a modern audience, but it also gives the first hints into The Doctor’s past with The Time War.

This episode is a must-see for any level of Doctor Who fan, and the commentary has Mark and Seth’s signature blend of knowledge and humor.

Sites used during episode research: TARDIS Data Core, IMDB, and A Brief History of Time Travel.

For best results, you will need a copy of the Christopher Eccleston story Dalek. It Season One, Episode six of the revived series. It can be found on Amazon, iTunes, HBOMAX, and most retail DVD/Blu-Ray outlets.