Examining The Dead: Tribute To Tobe Hooper

Examining The Dead: September 2017

WARNING: Podcast contains explicit content

It’s a different kind of episode this month for Examining The Dead. Once again, the Horror World lost another icon in the passing of the legendary Tobe Hooper.

Join host “Crazy Train” Jonathan Bolick, along with Seth “Zandrax” Zillmann and “The Big Deal” Clint Thiele as they pay tribute to the life and career of the late great director.

Hooper can be credited with pioneering not one, not two, but three sub-genres of modern horror filmmaking. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre helped pave the way for “Slasher Flicks” like Halloween and Friday The 13th. Wheras The Funhouse helped introduce the world to the “Scary Clown”. And, of course, Poltergeist raised the bar when it came to paranormal ghost stories.

However, Hooper did not stay only in movies. He directed episodes of Amazing Stories, Tales From The Crypt, and The Equalizer. He also directed the TV adaption of Stephen King’s Salem’s Lot. And can you name the famous music video he directed early in the MTV days? The answer may surprise you.

All this and more in another fun-filled Examining The Dead!

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