Examining The Dead: May 2017


Examining The Dead is back with a giant sized show for the month of May. There are three segments for the show: The Coroner’s Report (News), The Gruesome Twosome (Reviews and Opinions on two shows or events), and Into The Crystal Ball (Special Topic to talk about)

The Coroner’s Report

iZombie and Lucifer are back. Hear some of the highlights of the new season so far

The Friday The 13th game now has a release date of May 26th. And there is a sneak peek at all the skins for Jason. Plus there is information released on the weapons and abilities each Jason skin has. Not only that, we have a list of all the playable counselors.

The Gruesome Twosome

First up, the 2012 documentary West Of Memphis, which is about the controversy and release of The West Memphis Three.

Second, a rundown of Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s panel, simply titled Negan, at the Heroes & Villains/Walker Stalker Convention in Chicago. There are sound clips with F-Bombs aplenty.

Into The Crystal Ball

The final segment of the show is a discussion on the real life history of The West Memphis Three, with speculation on what is right or wrong about the news reports, and the documentaries. Plus talk on who the real murderer may have been, and subjects not brought up in the documentaries. For further evidence on The West Memphis Three check out The West Memphis Three Case Document Archive.

It can’t be emphasized enough that this is a mature themed podcast. Not just in language but in content. You have been warned.

Theme music: “Martian Cowboy” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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