Examining The Dead #26

Examining The Dead #26

It’s a HUGE episode for news and reviews in this edition of Examining The Dead. A ton of news, a major Gruesome Twosome, and a fascinating Into The Crystal Ball talking Character Alignments.

WARNING: This is the only Mature Themed podcast we do here at Geekville Radio.

2:15 – The Coroner’s Report

Dexter is back! Michael C. Hall will reprise the role of Dexter for a 10 episode season.

A new Tremors movie is set for release. Along with a documentary WITH Kevin Bacon.

Never Hike In The Snow, the sequel to the Friday The 13th fan film Never Hike Alone, is officially released, as well as a new web series.

George Romero’s classic Day Of The Dead is getting remade into a Syfy TV series, run by Steven Kostanski.

Welcome To Blumhouse has two new releases on Amazon Prime.

The Last Exorcist starring Danny Trejo as a priest. Yes, you read that correctly.

Mimesis Nosferatu, a different take on the classic silent film Nosferatu.

The second season of The Haunting Of Bly Manor is now on Netflix.

The Babysitter’s Guide To Monster Hunting, directed by Rachel Talalay, is a family-friendly horror movie.

Shudder, the streaming horror service has an original anthology show called The Mortuary Collection.

In other Danny Trejo news, he is starring in Bullets Of Justice, where he fights mutant pigs.

10 Minutes To Midnight, starring Caroline Williams of Texas Chainsaw Massacre Fame.

Ring Of Pain, a horror-themed digital card game, has been released to the masses.

Hellstrom, the long-awaited Marvel series, is now officially streaming on Hulu.

Alone, starring Tyler Posey of Teen Wolf TV fame.

Don’t Look Back, the directorial debut of Jeffrey Reddick, who helped create Final Destination.

Love and Monsters, starring Dylan O’Brien, is now on VOD.

And finally, The Simpsons have their latest “Treehouse Of Horror” episode this coming Sunday. All previous episodes are currently streaming on Disney+ and you can take part in watchalongs with our friends at Seeking Human Victims podcast.

55:45 – The Gruesome Twosome: Weird Westerns

Two Westerns, one classic and one recent take up this edition of The Gruesome Twosome.

1973’s Westworld starred a pre-Amityville Horror James Brolin and the late great Yul Brynner. This was the basis of the HBO series of the same name.

2015 saw the limited release of Bone Tomahawk, which not only has an impressive cast headed by Kurt Russell, but it also has some of the most brutal violence you will ever see on film.

1:25:30 – Into The Crystal Ball: Alignments

If you’ve played Role-Playing Games over the years, especially Dungeons & Dragons, you might be familiar with Alignments. Seth has made making Alignment Posters one of his hobbies. But here you get Horror examples of all nine Alignments.

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