Examining The Dead #17

This episode was recorded the afternoon of November 12th, 2017, before Walking Dead Season 8 Episode 4 aired.

We’re dusting the cobwebs out of the Examining The Dead studios with a HUGE show covering several elements of Horror in Pop Culture and History. Join host Crazy Train along with Seth and the returning Uncle Greg as they discuss these terrifying topics.


Stephen King’s “It” has officially become the highest grossing horror film of all time, and the fourth highest grossing R-Rated Movie of all time. On top of that, Train points out how 2017 is one of the biggest years for horror in history. The numbers don’t lie.

In Friday The 13th Game news, new DLC has added new Jason skins, and new counselors and maps.

The Walking Dead is back! Who’s the next to go? If it’s Shiva Train riots!

In CWTV news, the stage is set for Constantine’s return to DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow.


A pair of reviews this episode. First up: The Babysitter now on Netflix. Train reviews this horror comedy that he describes as “The Wicker Man meets Home Alone.”

The second review is of the entire season of Stranger Things 2. Did it live up to the first season? A lot of in depth talk about the characters, and of course the killer soundtrack.


Love forgotten B-Grade Horror Films? This segment is for you. Train and Seth discuss some forgotten treasures including two Peter Jackson films (Dead Alive and Bad Taste), Madman, Halloween III, Pieces, The Stuff, with honorable mentions My Bloody Valentine and The Prowler.

Feedback is much appreciated. And be warned that this is the only Geekville Radio podcas with an explicit tag.

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