Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise Of Skywalker Trailer Analysis

At long last, LucasFilm has released the first trailer for Star Wars Episode IX, which is said to be the final episode of The Skywalker Saga. The title was also revealed to be The Rise Of Skywalker.

Some time ago, there was a heavily circulated rumor that Episode IX would be called Balance of The Force. We commented on that in a previous podcast, and what that might mean. We even used information published in 1997 as proof. And we’re here to do it again with the real title.

So what did we do upon seeing the new trailer? Why we did what every other Star Wars geek would do and over-analyze practically every frame so we can speculate on what we think is to come.

Director JJ Abrams said that The Rise of Skywalker will tie up all three trilogies, making it an end to the saga.

For more in-depth commentary, you can follow along with the accompanying podcast. All the images below are of course copyright LucasFilm/Disney and are presented for informational purposes.

Without further ado, on with the analysis so we can yell at everybody else how wrong they are (just kidding…)

You can watch the trailer, or go by the screencaps below
The familiar LucasFilm logo appears, with only the sound of heavy breathing accompanying it.
We see Rey, the source of the heavy breathing on a desert planet. Tatooine? Jakku?
Rey grabs the Skywalker lightsaber. Is danger afoot?
Rey stands alone in the desert. Looking at a sky, it does not appear to be Tatooine
Like something out of the Old West, Rey holds the saber at her side
Rey stands her ground
Again, judging by what appears to be a single sun, this does not look to be Tatooine
GASP! It’s Kylo Ren’s TIE Interceptor! Or is it?
Rey ignites the Skywalker saber
Rey, looking defiant, readies for the attack
Those gloves look like Kylo Ren’s, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s him wearing them. More on that later
Rey begins to run, but in the same direction as the TIE
The TIE is almost caught up
Rey leaps into the air, probably with a Force Jump
This is obviously another planet, but which one?
Kylo Ren gutting an enemy with his trademark crossguard saber. Stormtroopers are also seen
Someone is repairing Kylo Ren’s mask
Is that Rey’s staff? Or did Finn and Poe just stumble onto the set of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade?
BB-8 and his new friend D-0, who presumably does not sing “Holy Diver”
Billy Dee looking as only he can look. Great to see Lando is finally back
Flying stormtroopers in hot pursuit of a speeder
Poe, Finn, and 3PO on board the speeder
One of the medals given at The Battle Of Yavin
Rey and Leia embrace
The band is back together! It’s not often we get to see Rey and Poe in the same shot
Arguably the most interesting shot of the whole trailer. Why are those waves moving so slowly?

Over Celebration weekend, we saw several images that may give further hints as to what is going on.

Lando Calrissian, sporting a yellow outfit similar to his younger self in Solo
Poe possibly gathering local citizens
The Poe/Finn shippers will have a field day with this image
Rey reunited with her staff. But what planet is this?
Here we definitely see Kylo piloting his TIE Interceptor
Klad! Undoubtedly the breakout star of Episode IX
Is it possible that Poe Dameron is piloting that TIE Silencer?

So let’s review

  • Rey spends some time on a desert planet that does not appear to be Tatooine
  • The other heroes either arrive with her, or follow her there
  • She may or may not have an encounter with Kylo Ren in his sip. It still could be somebody else piloting. Poe?
  • Lando reunites with Chewie and The Millennium Falcon
  • Kylo and stormtroopers attack people in a forest that looks like it could be Yavin or Takodana
  • At some point, Kylo rebuilds his mask from The Force Awakens
  • Death Star wreckage plays an important part in the film
  • Not only do we hear his laugh, but Palpatine has been confirmed by JJ himself to be in the film in some capacity.
  • If “no one is every truly gone” could we see old friends? Old enemies?

What do you think? Sound off below!!

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