Easter Eggs And References In Crisis Episode 2

The second episode of Crisis On Infinite Earths aired Monday night in what was logged as a Batwoman episode. Like the first, there were a lot of Easter eggs and references.

WARNING: Spoilers Ahoy! This contains spoilers not only for the TV crossover, but the original 1985 comic as well. If you haven’t watched the episode and don’t want anything spoiled, turn back now.


  • Wentworth Miller, who played Leonard Snart/Captain Cold in Flash and Legends Of Tomorrow, voiced Rory’s ship from Earth 74. The ship’s AI was even called Leonard.
  • Bruce Wayne from Earth 99 was played by Kevin Conroy. As ardent fans know, he has voiced Bruce Wayne/Batman regularly since Batman: The Animated Series in 1992.
  • Earth 167 Clark Kent was played by Tom Welling, who portrayed a young Clark for 10 seasons on Smallville. Likewise, Erica Durance reprised her role as Lois.


  • Earth 96 references the epic limited series Kingdom Come, which was published in 1996.
  • Among the trophies in Batman 99’s case include
    • A bloody Joker playing card
    • One of Riddler’s broken canes
    • A snow globe (likely Mr. Freeze)
    • A small plant in a glass globe (Poison Ivy)
  • Sarah cuts Jonah Hex’s face with a knife and makes reference to the scar he will eventually get. Hex has a famously scarred and disfigured face.
  • Earth 99 is a reference to 1999, the year Batman Beyond premiered.
  • Some of John Williams’s music from the Superman feature film was used while on Earth 96.
    • When Lois bumped into Earth 96 Superman, the Lois Lane theme (aka “Love Theme”) played.
    • The classic main theme music played when Earth 96 Clark suited up.
  • After the fight between Supermen, Earth 96 Supes mentions it wasn’t the first time he fought himself. This is, of course, a nod to Superman III.
  • Earth 96 Clark says that Earth 1 Jonathan looks like his son Jason. Superman and Lois had a child called Jason in Superman Returns


  • The Book Of Destiny is not in the comic version. Mind-control was done either by Anti-Monitor’s Shadow Demons or by the character Pyscho Pirate.
  • One thing that is carried over from the comic version is how The Monitor gets weaker as Anti-Monitor grows stronger.
  • Anti-Monitor did not take physical form until after The Monitor’s death in the comics.
  • One of the main plot points in Kingdom Come was The Joker gas attacking The Daily Planet, killing almost the entire staff. Those were the name plaques on the wall in Clark’s office. Several female names were on the wall, but in the original Kingdom Come story, Lois was the only woman killed that day.
  • On Earth 99, Bruce Wayne wears an exo-suit due to injuries from Superman. In the Kingdom Come comic, it was Bane breaking Batman’s back that forced him into the suit again.
  • Earth 99 Bruce also mentions Clayface is dead and Jane Doe is in Arkham Asylum. Both characters are serial killers who have impersonated their victims.

As of yet, we have not found any references to match up with Earth 74 or Earth 167. If they’re out there, let us know!

The final episode of 2019 will air tomorrow on CW as an episode of The Flash.