Easter Eggs and References in Crisis Episode 1

The first episode of Crisis On Infinite Earths aired yesterday. The major changes to the Arrowverse were covered earlier. We also gave a crash course in the comic series in our last podcast. Here we will take a look at the Easter Eggs, cameos, and nods to the 1985 comic series.


Several guest stars were revealed already before the show premiered. However, the creators made it clear that there will still be surprises. There certainly were a few that weren’t announced ahead of time.

  • Earth 89 had Robert Wuhl reprising his role as reporter Alex Knox from the 1989 Batman film.
  • Earth 66 was, of course, Burt Ward paying homage to his Robin/Dick Grayson role in the 1966 Batman series.
  • Earth X showed Russell Tovey as The Ray.
  • Earth 9 saw a glimpse of the DC Universe Titans characters Hawk and Robin, played by Alan Ritchson and Curran Walters respectively.
  • Will Wheaton played an unnamed protestor whom Supergirl saves at the beginning of the episode.



  • In the comic series, it’s not Lois and Clark who send their son into space. Alexander Luthor and Lois Lane-Luthor do that task instead. It’s yet to be seen whether Johnathan Kent will fill the part played by Luthor Jr. in the comics.
  • As expected, Lyla Michaels adopted her comic counterpart’s name of Harbinger to recruit heroes from other Earths.

Did you catch anything we missed? Let us know below!