Disney Star Wars Saga Boxed Set?

Rumors have been flying since 2012, when Disney announced the purchase of LucasFilm, that an encompassing release of classic and current Star Wars films will be released.

Today, that rumor has gained some traction.

Digital Fix reports that Disney will be releasing a 4k (Ultra-HD) collection of the Star Wars Skywalker Saga. This collection would be the first time all nine episodes would be available in one package.

According to a UK-based Disney employee who has spoken to us on the condition of anonymity and who claims to have been involved in the collection of material for an upcoming release of the entire Star Wars Saga in a box set, Disney are planning to release a complete 4K Blu-ray edition of the entire Skywalker saga in 2020.

-The Digital Fix

Ardent fans may remember the “Original Unaltered Trilogy” rumors, and how such a release would have needed cooperation with 20th Century Fox due to distribution rights. Now that Disney owns Fox, that barrier is no longer there.

The original trilogy was shot on film, as was the first prequel The Phantom Menace. The other prequels were both shot digitally, meaning that any footage would have to be converted to a 4K format. LucasFilm was in the process of converting all the films into 3D releases at the time of the sale to Disney. No information is yet available about whether any 3D releases are in store.

Of course, Star Wars Celebration kicks off this weekend, and a ton of news will likely break during the convention. Not the least of which is a trailer for the yet-untitled Episode IX. We’ll try our darnedest to keep up with it all