Crisis On Infinite Earths Predictions

Geekville Radio #247: What Is Crisis On Infinite Earths?

We discussed in our last podcast the 1985 comic series Crisis On Infinite Earths that is being adapted for this year’s Arrowverse crossover. For simplicity’s sake, we are also putting our predictions here. And yes, we are saying who will live or die. We’ll check back after the series is over to test how we did.

Since, as of this show’s recording, the series has not aired yet, we will give our predictions for how the Arrowverse version will differ. The show is linked above if you haven’t listened to it yet.

POTENTIAL SPOILER ALERT: While these predictions are partially based on what has been hinted at in all the Arrowverse shows, they also based on the comic series outcomes. If you are concerned about spoilers, then you would be best advised to come back after the series has ended.

John Diggle: While Diggle was created for the series and is not based on any existing comic character, there has been much speculation that he may wind up with a Green Lantern Ring. Last year, Arrow introduced Diggle’s stepfather, Roy Stewart. It was no accident that Roy had the last name of Stewart because in the comics there is a Green Lantern named John Stewart. Last season, The 1990 Flash recognized John and asked why he didn’t have a ring. So it looks like it is just a matter of time before Diggle, or one of his alternate Earth counterparts, will pick up a Lantern ring. This crossover would be the perfect opportunity for that to happen.

FATE: Lives.

Oliver Queen: Monitor has outright told Ollie that he is going to die. While Ollie seems to have accepted his fate, one can’t help but think he’ll have a way to escape up his sleeve. If Oliver Queen has proven anything, it’s that he is very good at keeping a secret. There are several fan theories out there, with some that involve Ollie becoming the next Spectre.

FATE: Dies… Kinda. The two main theories involve either Ollie becoming the new Spectre, or being one of the characters that survive but move to another pocket universe. Both of these involve either dying or leaving the known world, which is kind of like dying anyway

Felicity Queen: Felicity also knew about her husband’s impending death. However, she clearly survives the next 20 years because Season 7 ended with her walking off with The Monitor. Whether Ollie is alive at this point has not been officially revealed yet. Presumably, she knows Ollie’s true fate and is finally ready to play her final part in whatever plan was made.

FATE: Dies… Kinda. Whatever Ollie’s fate is, Felicity will be part of it. If Ollie becomes Spectre, then Felicity may take up another supernatural role. If Ollie winds up in the pocket universe, she will join him there a la Earth 2 Superman and Lois.

Barry Allen: The other main hero who has been outright told he will die. Barry is about as Lawful Good as they come and also seems to have accepted his fate. Barry has sacrificed himself before and wound up in the Speed Force. This is a short explanation of how he came back from the dead after Crisis in the comics. It would seem a little lame to just repeat the same Speed Force gimmick again, especially since Monitor likely already knows of The Speed Force and has factored that into his plan. That said, the show is called The Flash. And it would be hard to have a show called The Flash without The Flash in it. Odds are Barry does sacrifice himself but will be brought back from the dead by the time the story is over.

Barry Allen’s death in Crisis On Infinite Earths #8

FATE: Dies but returns.

Kara Danvers: As anybody familiar with Crisis knows, Kara dies halfway through the story. But, like The Flash, it would be a little hard to have a show called Supergirl without Supergirl in it. So while A Supergirl may die, the Kara that we know and love will make it through. Could we get a second Supergirl? Could Helen Slater don a costume and reprise her 1984 Supergirl role with a Kingdom Come vibe? Could we get Power Girl?

The famous death of Supergirl from Crisis On Infinite Earths #7

FATE: Lives

Superman: Tyler Hoechlin’s portrayal of the Arrowverse Superman has been met with favorable reviews. There are even rumors of a full-blown Superman series from The CW. But even if that doesn’t happen, the odds are good that Supes makes it through the story.

FATE: Lives

Kingdom Come Superman: Brandon Routh returning not only to the role of Superman but portraying the Kingdom Come version of Superman, was well-received by fans. KC Superman’s role has not been clearly defined yet, but it is a pretty safe bet he will play the role that Earth 2 Superman played in the comic. While Earth 2 Supes did not die in the comic version, he did in the 2006 sequel Infinite Crisis. It is very possible this Superman meets his final fate in the Third Act. Which would in a way be bidding a final goodbye to the Christopher Reeve Superman.

The death of Kal-L, the original Golden Age Superman, in Infinite Crisis.

FATE: Dies. There is no bigger hero to sacrifice in this story than Superman. And if they do convince the viewers that this is the Christopher Reeve Supes, then that loss will hit hard.

Killer Frost: In the comics, Caitlin/Frost is a villain, not the hero she is on TV. While Frost is in the comics version, she isn’t a huge factor in the outcome. But with different Earths come different characters, which means we could get the brief return of Ronnie Raymond, aka her dead husband Firestorm, for a very awkward reunion.

FATE: Lives

Vibe: Everybody loves Earth 1 Cisco. The poster did show Cisco with his Vibe powers. That could mean we simply get another version of Cisco. If so, it would likely mean a richer and meaner Cisco, since his doppelgangers all seem to be jerks.

FATE: Live

Constantine: He is on the poster, so it’s a safe bet he will play a decent part in the story. In the comics, John is very aware of Spectre, and the two aren’t exactly on the best of terms. Expect those two to trade some choice words with each other.

FATE: Lives. There is still a whole other season of Legends Of Tomorrow left and it will take place post-Crisis. Matt Ryan spoke of filming the next season during the Chicago Comic-Con.

Smallville Superman: Tom Welling is confirmed to be reprising his role as Clark Kent from Smallville. How big of a role he will play in the story has yet to be revealed. Since Erica Durance will also be returning as Lois, it’s not likely that he will be a darker Supes like his Kingdom Come counterpart is. Some theories even speculate that he may end up with the fate of Earth 2 Superman and will end up in his pocket universe along with Lois, Alexander Luthor, and Superboy Prime (if we even get him).

FATE: Dies… Kinda. Smallville Supes would be the most likely candidate to wind up in that pocket universe. There are three Supermans in this story, and the future only needs one. Plus, if he is ever needed in the future, they can always work him in again.

Alex Danvers: Like a lot of other Arrowverse characters, Alex was created specifically for TV and is not in the comics. It’s very possible, if not likely, Alex will simply play the part secondary characters from the comics did.

FATE: Lives

J’onn J’onzz: Given his considerable powers, J’onn will probably have a huge impact on the story, even if his comic incarnation may not have been.

FATE: Lives

Batman: At long last, Batman himself will finally appear in an Arrowverse show. Judging by the behind the scenes photos, it looks like Kevin Conroy will portray the Kingdom Come incarnation of Bats. Batman was not nearly as crucial to the original story as Superman, Flash, or Supergirl, so it’s a safe bet this Batman will play the part other characters did in the comics.

FATE: Dies. Much like Supes, there doesn’t need to be more than one Batman. Old Man Bruce kicks the bucket, but the New Earth will have another one to take his place.

Jefferson Pierce: This year will mark the first time Black Lightning will interact with other Arrowverse characters. What Earth he resides on has never been explicitly stated. If all the Earths become one like in the comics, Pierce will likely still be free to do future crossover stories.

FATE: Lives

Crisis On Infinite Earths will premiere on December 8th and will run for five episodes through the beginning of January. We will certainly be checking back to see how our predictions fared.