Crisis On Earth X, Punisher Trailer, Episode IX, Destiny 2

The CW’s “Flarrowverse” four part crossover has officially been given a name. DC Comics officially released the event’s name, Crisis On Earth X. While this conjurs up thoughts of past “Crisis” titles in DC’s history, this does look to be a more original title.

It has also been revealed that The Ray will play a major part in the story, and fans got their first glimpse of The Ray and Earth X in the preview for Freedom Fighters: The Ray.

In Marvel news, Netflix has released the initial trailer for the upcoming Punisher series, and it looks like it could be the best live-action Punisher yet.

In older but still fun Star Wars news, Seth and special guest Clint discuss JJ Abrams officially taking over Episode IX.

In the final two segments, Clint talks playing Destiny 2, while Seth reviews the first two issues of DC’s Dark Nights: Metal

All this and more in another fun-filled episode of Geekville Radio!