Could The Mystery Hunter in The Mandalorian be…

In the fifth episode of The Mandalorian, a mystery hunter appeared. No face was shown, but that didn’t stop a plethora of fan-theories from populating the internet. One of the biggest theories pointed to the mystery hunter as Boba Fett himself. Heck, we even speculated that it might be Cad Bane.

But who is this person? There is only one episode left for a suitable explanation. The Imperial villains seemed to be a step ahead of Mando and Greef. There is one logical explanation.

Cara Dune.

She befriended Mando in Chapter 4. She even helped him defend a colony from the remnants of The Empire. That earned his trust.

In Chapter 7, she worked with Mando to bring everybody to a snatching point. The heroes had a backup plan involving Kuiil escaping with The Child. only to be apparently gunned down. Who knew of this route?

Maybe Cara is a villain after all. She will try to collect on whatever bounty. If not, then there may be a perfectly logical explanation nobody has thought of yet. Or maybe there will be a cliffhanger to lead into Season 2.

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