Examining The Dead #26

Examining The Dead #26

It’s a HUGE episode for news and reviews in this edition of Examining The Dead. A ton of news, a major Gruesome Twosome, and a fascinating Into The Crystal Ball talking Character Alignments.

WARNING: This is the only Mature Themed podcast we do here at Geekville Radio.

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Examining The Dead #25

Examining The Dead #25


COVID-19 has thrown Hollywood for a loop and the Horror genre is no different. “Crazy Train” Jonathan Bolick and Seth “Zandrax” Zillman discuss the delays in The Coroner’s Report. Then, in the Gruesome Twosome is a review of two classic B-Movies centered around evil cars: 1977’s The Car and 1987’s Maximum Overdrive. Finally, The Reverend Dan Wilson joins to talk The Chattanooga Film Festival.

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Examining The Dead #23: 31 Horror Trailers For Halloween

This is a special episode of Examining The Dead devoted to the list of 31 Horror Movie trailers for Halloween. Crazy Train excluded any major hits such as Friday The 13th or Nightmare On Elm St. and focused on some of the lesser-known gems.

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Lesser Known Geek Hall Of Fame #6: Forrest J Ackerman

The Lesser Known Geek Hall Of Fame #6: Forrest J Ackerman

One of the things we emphasize with the Lesser Known Geek Hall Of Fame is that no franchise, hero, villain, etc. is ineligible except “A-Listers”. This also applies to real-life people as well as fictional characters.

This episode inducts the first real-life person into the Lesser Known Geek Hall Of Fame, Forrest J Ackerman. While the name may be familiar to people, how his name got known in the first place is something they may not know.

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Examining The Dead #22

Examining The Dead Episode 22: Halloween 2019

(2:48) The Coroner’s Report

(3:35) Helstrom, the latest Marvel series, has begun filming. It is set for release sometime in 2020. Who is Helstrom and what could the series be like? With Marvel Studios taking over all TV projects, this could conceivably mean interaction with the rest of the MCU. Blade anybody?

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Remembering Rutger Hauer (1944-2019)

Iconic actor Rutger Hauer passed away this week at the age of 75. His 50 year career saw him play a multitude of roles. From hero to villain, action to drama, and just about everything in between.

If you’re looking to watch some of his famous roles, we have assembled a list of them here. While this is by no means an exhaustive list, it is a good lineup of performances in several genres.

Nighthawks (1981) – Arguably his breakout performance as the villainous Wulfgar opposite detectives played by Sylvester Stallone and Billy Dee Williams.

Blade Runner (1982) – The role he will likely be remembered most for, Roy Batty was the rebellious replicant hunted by Rick Deckard (Harrison Ford).

Ladyhawke (1985) – This medieval fantasy cult favorite saw Hauer play the heroic Navarre alongside then up and coming actors Matthew Broderick and Michelle Pfeiffer

The Hitcher (1986) – Another signature villain role as John Ryder, the serial killer who terrorizes C. Thomas Howell.

Wanted Dead Or Alive (1986) – Inspired by the 1950s Western that starred Steve McQueen (yes, that Steve McQueen). Hauer plays a bounty hunter tracking down a terrorist played by Gene Simmons (yes, THAT Gene Simmons).

Escape From Sobibor (1986) – 1986 was a busy year. Not only was he a villain in The Hitcher, and a hero in Wanted Dead or Alive, but his performance as Alexander “Sasha” Pechersky in this WWII drama earned him a Golden Globe for Best Supporting Actor.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer (1992) – The original Kristy Swanson movie that begat the series had Rutger as the vampire leader, Lothos.

Merlin (1998) – This spin on the classic tale of King Arthur tells the story from Merlin’s point of view. Hauer portrays the tyrannical King Vortigern opposite Sam Neill’s title character.

The 10th Kingdom (2000) – A fairy tale fantasy mini-series that is set years after the time of Snow White. Hauer is the Queen’s Huntsman who follows the heroes through the magic mirror and into New York City.

Salem’s Lot (2004) – Hauer takes on another vampire role. This time as Kurt Barlow, one of the main antagonists in this remake of the Stephen King classic.

Sin City (2005) – The star-studded ensemble cast saw Hauer in the small but memorable role as Cardinal Rourke.

Batman Begins (2005) – The first in Christopher Nolan’s epic trilogy, Batman Begins had Rutger play Earle, the man who tried to usurp Wayne Enterprises from Christian Bale’s Bruce Wayne.

Hobo With a Shotgun (2011) – Hauer reprises the title role he had in the mock trailer of the same name in Robert Rodriguez & Quentin Tarantino’s Grindhouse.

The Rite (2011) – Hauer plays the father of Colin O’Donoghue’s protagonist in this supernatural thriller that also stars Anthony Hopkins

Dracula 3D (2012) – From vampire to a vampire hunter. Hauer plays Van Helsing in Dario Argento’s take on the legendary vampire story.

In addition, Hauer was a fan-favorite to play Magneto in a then dream X-Men film. Wizard magazine published a fanboy casting in 1992, approximately eight years before an X-Men film became a reality.

To be fair, Wizard did accurately pick Patrick Stewart to play Charles Xavier in the same casting.

He also had the honor of being voted Dutch Actor Of The Century by Dutch citizens.

Fortunately for his fans, Hauer had several parts which he had already filmed for movies and shows that have yet to be released. His IMDB page shows five projects currently still set for release within the coming year.

We at Geekville Radio extend are deepest condolences to Rutger Hauer’s family and friends.

Mark Hamill is Chucky in the Child’s Play Reboot

Star Wars icon Mark Hamill has added another high profile voice role to his resume. The actor made the announcement via a prerecorded appearance for WonderCon that he will be voicing Chucky in the theatrical Child’s Play reboot.

The announcement appeared on Hamill’s official Twitter shortly afterward.

Mark Hamill announced his new role to the fans at WonderCon

It is important to note that this theatrical reboot is not to be confused with the Syfy TV show Chucky. That series is run by the franchise’s original creator Don Mancini, and will remain in the continuity of the previous films. Veteran Chucky voice Brad Dourif will reprise the role for the series.

The reboot opens June 21st in theaters, and will be directed by Lars Klevberg from a story by Kung Fury‘s Tyler Burton Smith. The series will bow this fall on Syfy.

Initial trailer for the Child’s Play theatrical reboot

Hamill is currently appearing in season 2 of Knightfall on The History Channel, and is rumored to have a role in the next Guardians Of The Galaxy film for Disney.

Examining The Dead #19: Haunted House Attractions

This month’s edition of Examining The Dead takes a look at Haunted House Attractions. But first, a look at the news.

THE CORONER’S REPORT – News and Commentary

John Constantine returned to the DC’s CW TV Universe by appearing on Legends Of Tomorrow.

Scooby-Doo is crossing over with Supernatural for an episode titled “Scooby-Natural”.

Ash Vs. Evil Dead’s ratings slipping, allegedly due to pirating.

The effects of Carl’s Death on The Walking Dead Season 8, including Negan’s reaction.

Morgan being the crossover to Fear The Walking Dead

The future of Jadis

A Quiet Place debuted at SXSW to huge positive reaction.

Xtro getting a proper Blu-Ray release on May 28th.

More on the Friday The 13th Game changes. Part V Jason, and Single Player Mode

State Of Decay 2 released on May 22nd, and the many Easter Eggs for horror fans.


Both movies reviewed are on Netflix and/or Amazon.

First up is The Void, available on Netflix. A very John Carpenter inspired movie with dashed of David Cronenberg and HP Lovecraft.

Second up is The Haunters: The Art Of The Scare, a documentary on Haunted House attractions and the artists behind them. Some good, some bad.


Katie Dudas of The ScareHouse joins to talk the Haunted House attraction concept. Learn what might go into attractions, and what goes on during a haunt. Should there be Safe Words? And much more. If you like Haunted House attractions, you’ll want to hear this input from somebody behind the curtain.

Feedback is much appreciated. And be warned that this is the only Geekville Radio podcast with an explicit tag.

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