Cameos and Easter Eggs From Crisis On Infinite Earths Finale

Crisis On On Infinite Earths, the biggest CW/DC crossover to date, concluded with the final two episodes airing back-to-back. Like before, there were several references and Easter eggs for the ardent fans.

OBLIGATORY SPOILER WARNING: If you haven’t seen the episodes or read the comic, turn back now. Or else abandon all hope of avoiding spoilers.


  • Ezra Miller made a surprise (and uncredited) appearance as The Flash from the DCEU Movies
  • The man who asked for autographs from Flash and Supergirl was Marv Wolfman, the writer of the original comic mini-series
  • Earth-2 had a version of The Justice Society, including Stargirl, who will get her own TV series later this year
  • Earth-9 again had a highlight reel of the Titans cast
  • Earth-19 showed Swamp-Thing, currently on DC’s Streaming Service
  • Earth-21 had the members of Doom Patrol frolicking about


  • Earth-96 Superman restored the yellow to his emblem where it was previously colored black
  • The way Earth-96 Superman flew and smiled at the camera was a tribute to the Christopher Reeve Superman films
  • The table Barry introduces at the end of the episode is like the one used in episodes of Super Friends and Justice League
  • Gleek is a monkey from theSuper Friends Saturday morning cartoon
  • A rendition of the Super Friends theme played during the Justice League table reveal
  • The narration by Oliver and the end of episode five matches The Monitor’s from the beginning of episode one


  • Earth-Prime was the name used in DC Comics for the real Earth
  • Earth-19 is a reference to the DC Universe streaming service, which was launched in 2019
  • Earth-12 showed the Green Lantern Corps. Arrow premiered in 2012, and the Green Lantern series on HBO Max will be Executive Produced by Greg Berlanti
  • When Ezra Miller’s Flash began to fade, he says “I told Victor this was possible”. That is Victor Stone, aka Cyborg.