All The Crisis On Infinite Earths Cameos So Far

One of the biggest fan-favorite things about The CW’s Crisis On Infinite Earths has been the sheer number of cameos. Some of them are played for comedy, some are serious, and others put closures on past characters.

SPOILERS: Obligatory Spoiler Warning! If you have not watched the first three episodes of Crisis On Infinite Earths, you may want to turn away. Come back after you’ve seen the episodes.


The opening montage to episode one saw several very quick cameos covering the 1989 and 1966 Batmans, Titans, and

Earth 89: Robert Wuhl reprising his role as Alexander Knox in 1989’s Batman, the first of the Michael Keaton films. The Danny Elfman theme quickly plays in the background.

Earth 9: Alan Ritchson & Curran Walters as Dove and Robin from the current Titans series streaming on DC Universe.

Earth X: The Ray, as played by Russell Tovey.

Earth 66: Burt Ward, presumably as an aged Dick Grayson

Earth 38: Wil Wheaton as an unnamed Doomsday Protestor


Tom Welling reprising his role as Clark Kent from Smallville in what some fans looked at as an epilogue to the series.
Kevin Conroy, the longtime voice of Bruce Wayne/Batman, finally portrays the character in front of the camera
While not a cameo, Brandon Routh returned to his role as Superman. Not only was he the classic movie Superman, but he had also become the Kingdom Come Supes.


Ashley Scott returning to the role of Huntress just long enough to get anti-mattered.
In perhaps the most popular cameo, Tom Ellis appears as Lucifer Morningstar from the TV show Lucifer and the DC/Vertigo comic universe.
John Wesley Shipp reprised the role of Earth 90 Flash, which not only addressed his abrupt departure in last year’s Elseworlds but also put an ending to the character.