Geekville Radio #289: Black Widow and the Return of the MCU, Loki Predictions

Seth and Train return to talk about the return of The MCU. They also discuss the passing of Hollywood legends Richard Donner and William Smith. Then they give their last-minute predictions for Loki and review the latest MCU movie Black Widow.

2:00 – News

23:45 – Loki Predictions POTENTIAL SPOILERS

  • Seth predicts the final boss is probably another Loki. After all, the show is Loki. It’s about Loki. And everything Loki says and does is to benefit one person: Loki.
  • Train predicts that it is Kang The Conquerior, possibly one of his other aliases Rama-Tut, Immortus, Scarlet Centurion, Victor Timely… etc…

33:30 – Black Widow Review SPOILER ALERT

  • Good movie, both hosts give it an A- even though not accurate to the comics
  • What villain could have been used instead of Taskmaster
  • More evidence that we could be getting Thunderbolts/Dark Avengers