Geekville Radio #253: Big Game Trailers and 2020 Movie Previews


As usual, we check out Movie Insider for their release listings, omitting any talked about in the previous segment, as well as non-geek/sci-fi/superhero/horror titles

49:20 – February

53:50 – April

  • The New Mutants – Fox’s final Marvel film before Disney takes over
    • Maisie Williams of Game Of Thrones fame will be Wolfsbane

55:20 – May

  • Scoob! – There are some known actors doing voices, but Scooby himself will still be Frank Welker
  • Untitled Saw Reboot – Now called Spiral

62:35 – June

66:50 – July

  • Ghostbusters: Afterlife – Sequel to the original two 1980s movies but ignores the 2016 reboot
  • Purge 5 – Could be considered this generation’s Nightmare On Elm Street or Friday The 13th
  • Escape Room 2 – Maybe more of a thriller than horror
  • Morbius – Jared Leto’s Sony/Marvel movie that looks like it will continue The Sinister Six formation

73:30 – August

  • Bill & Ted Face The Music – It is a sequel, not a reboot. Bill & Ted’s music has not saved the world. Could their musical tastes have changed?

76:50 – September

81:00 – October

  • Untitled Sony/Marvel Sequel – Venom 2? Kraven?
  • Snake-Eyes – GI Joe movie with Snake-Eyes origin, but longtime GI Joe writer Larry Hama is not involved. The character has been recast as Asian rather than white.

85:00 – November

92:30 – December

  • Tom and Jerry – Feature film, presumably CGI, version of the old MGM cartoons

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