Geekville Radio #246

Geekville Radio #246

(1:50) Disney Plus First Impressions

Disney + is here! I know it just kind of snuck up and surprised everybody without much fanfare (sarcasm of course), but it’s finally here and a ton of people are watching.

What are some of the first things on your viewing lists?

Obviously, there is all the Star Wars and Marvel programming to dive into. But that still leaves countless hours of classic Disney material to go through. Herbie movies, Robin Hood, The Aristocats, Jungle Book, and so much else.

As talked about in the show, here is the chronological order of Clone Wars episodes if you want to watch them like that.

(27:15) The Mandalorian

Naturally, one of the top programs watched off the bat is The Mandalorian, which is the first true live-action Star Wars series.

We gave a spoiler-free review of the premiere episode on Tuesday. Now it’s time for the spoiler-filled review, including the surprise twist ending.

(44:30) Maclunkey

In yet another change in the infamous Cantina scene, Greedo now yells “Maclunkey!” before getting blasted by Han Solo. This change as of now only exists on the Disney+ edition of A New Hope.

(47:15) Benioff & Weiss No Longer Doing a Star Wars Film

Details have started to emerge over Game Of Thrones showrunners David Benioff and Dan Weiss’ departure from Star Wars. With a nine-figure deal with Netflix now official, could that be a conflict of interest? Could this have anything to do with Kevin Feige’s involvement in a Galaxy Far Far Away?

(53:15) Star Wars Standalone Movies

As we discussed back in episodes 201 and 202, the future of standalone Star Wars films may be in jeopardy. Bob Iger recently stated that fans are not as interested in standalone movies as they are for the Skywalker Saga

(1:03:15) Predictions For Episode IX

In the last topic, bot Seth and Train give predictions for The Rise Of Skywalker.

Seth’s Predictions

  • Palpatine is a Force Ghost and he, not Snoke, has been manipulating Kylo all along
  • Luke will return to flesh and blood
  • Anakin will be involved

Train’s Predictions

  • Palpatine is actually alive
  • Several Jedi will appear in ghost form, including Leia
  • Lando and Chewie will survive

Do you have any comments or questions? Sound off below! What are you watching on Disney+?

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