Geekville Radio #241: San Diego Comic-Con News

Geekville Radio #241: SDCC News

In our previous episode, we discussed the revelations for Marvel’s Phase Four of The MCU. Here we talk a lot of the other news coming out of The Mecca Of Geekery that is San Diego Comic-Con!

Each trailer is listed below with the appropriate timestamp in the show discussion.

(3:45) Arrowverse and Crisis On Infinite Earths

Barry Allen’s death has been teased since the very first episode of The Flash

(25:15) Marvel’s “What If…?”

  • Animated series will air on Disney+
  • Stories from The Infinity Saga will be used
  • Many of The MCU actors will supply the voices
  • The first episode will depict Peggy Carter as Captain America

(29:30) The Witcher

  • This is the project that prevented Henry Cavill from a cameo in Shazam

(33:15) Watchmen HBO Series

  • It is not another adaption of the movie or classic comic
  • It will be an original story set in the same world

(39:20) Top Gun: Maverick

  • The trailer was a surprise presentation
  • Tom Cruise’s Maverick will be the main character, not a cameo
  • It may be a biography or life story of Maverick

(43:20) Terminator: Dark Fate

  • James Cameron is involved again
  • It looks like it ignores all other movies except the first two
  • It may be right before the rise of Skynet

(47:45) Dark Crystal: Age Of Resistance

  • Much of the series will utilize puppetry instead of CGI

(50:30) Jay And Silent Bob Reboot

  • A sequel to Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back
  • Looks to lampoon the constant reboots in Hollywood
  • Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jason Lee and a lot of the other regulars

(55:30) Star Trek: Picard

  • Unlike Discovery, this looks like it is almost universally praised
  • Depicts Picard as he was in the final TNG Episode
  • Also shows Data and Seven Of Nine

We recently got reviewed by Dave Jackson’s Podcast Rodeo Show. Thanks for the kind words!

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